fashion space

So there's currently a short group project im working on called Fashion Space. Thought i'd
update on more recent goings on since i've spent so long putting up all my previous works!

Our chosen concept is to create a very interactive technology based exhibition, inspired by the Decode exhibition on at the V&A. (http://www.vam.ac.u
k/microsites/decode/) Our exhibition called One Per View see's Sony collaborating with a number of creative's to create 12 rooms exhibiting Sony's products used within the designer's created room. The anticipation throughout the exhibition is a feeling of anxiety, making the audience feel like they are on a ride rather than simply viewing objects, hence the use of interactivity creating a journey. With 12 rooms at different sizes, only one audience member per room it is a very unique and personal experience, recorded throughout and played back to them in the final 12th room taking them by suprise and re-inforcing this idea of anxiety.

With two parralell exhibitions, one in Tokyo, Japan, and the other in London, UK, we have created the exhibition to communicate with one another in rooms 5 and 6 which appear in the middle of the exhibition. These rooms allow Tokyo and London to interact using Sony's latest products. S
nibbe Interactive, collaborating with Sony on a number of rooms provides the interactive side to Sony's high technology.

Within our exhibition we guarantee an experience like no other, playing on your senses, forcing you to get past obstacles on a large scale, crouch in uncomfortable positions, bombard you with strange smells and make you touch unsightly materials, using themes of trickey through malleable materials and creating this sense of anxiety through forcing you to do certain things, throwing uncomfortable images at you. All the while you are communicating and inetracting with all parts of the exhibition whether it
be technology based or with timeless classic materials introduced in a few rooms to throw off the participant.

So now that i've introduced to you an outline of our exhibition, here is my developing floorplan. And there are no doors in view as it slides open from the wall when it is time for the participant to move on! look forward to further updates!

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