i will remember this day

stage one of creating an album cover for Age of Echoes track 'I WILL REMEMBER THIS DAY' involved a thorough experimentation of related images which came to mind whilst listening to the track, i had a faint idea of how the final would look already set but by experimenting to get to that stage i eliminated some ideas i had however the final still resembled my initial envisioned image. the black and white photocopies/ re - photocopied element to create an illusion/dream like, slightly disparched joining similiar to how numerous dreams come together, making no sense but becoming one simply becaus of this joining. this dream like state which i represent in this image is the state of mind the track lulls the audience into. with its tranquil easy listening meditative beats you dream along, the image lightening your mood yet exploring serious thoughts, clouding your senses, almost at a contradiction. these are the feeling i strived to concieve.

the following link features this particular track (along with others i will be creating album art covers for) 'i will remember this day'. please feel free to listen and tell me your ideas on my choice of image for the cover!

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