the journey to completion

these two images feature the begining and end of a journey travelled by an 'incomplete' being. not neccesarily human he is a representation of a soul, of feelings, his incomplete self reflects his emotional instability. the inspiration for this journey was the first line of Charles Burowski's 'Post Office' taking the first line 'it started as a mistake'. the mistake being this incomplete being and the animation follows his undergoing travels as he is put through a series of ordeals to become whole, a representaion of life itself. with the ending image i wanted to portray a positive outcome, representing my own feelings of life itself how i cant help but see the light at the end of the tunnel, this is the belief i incorporated onto my nameless character. the surrealist manner in which i represent this journey in fact came about naturally,almost starting off as a 'mistake', this experimental quality of my initial process took shape in the form of surrealist backgrounds and use of imagery. although initially without much thought the surrealist manner demonstrates perfectly all that i wish to convey on this journey without being literal i hope the audience can find for themselves the meaning of this journey.

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