album cover art

for a brief based on Album Cover Art i'd been looking endlessly for a band, i wanted to pick a band with a different style to the usual popular genres of today and with my new found love for the classical and relaxing music i came across a Uk band 'Age of Echoes'. it was interesting considering they were not at all mainstream and it seemed as they had no intention to be, with not even a myspace page in todays day and age. however bearing in mind the use of their music, as with the usual style of New Age music their music is an attempt to create a relaxing, peaceful mind, for reflecting and meditative purposes. i picked 5 singles from one of their albums to create covers for each of them. listening over and over to all their tracks i have 5 (below) which i found inspired me upon hearing with images and i now have my starting point! (Check back for the next stage of this project, very soon!)

1. I Will Remember this Day
2. Cloudcover
3. So Bright the Vision
4. The Sky's the Limit
5. In the Shadow of the Sun

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