a new career path?

recently i've had a new found love for the guardians online site. this has lead to my following of the guardian Camera Club, not only is it amazing as you can send in your portfolio and have it viewed and critiqued, with a vast number of very intrigueing photographers it is very inspiring. also with their themed competitions it is very easy to get involved and on the plus if you are chosen you are featured at the best newspapers (if i may say so) arts column.

macro portfolio Dragon fruit 'Back-lit' with a lightbox. Side-lit with an Elinchrom ScanLite 650.
Olympus C-8080; f8 & 1/30 ISO 50
Photograph: 7tenths/Flickr.

and on another note, how bewitching is the cartoon column? now admittantly im not an ardent follower of all things political but as any british citizen i see to it i know all the current affairs. i had come across Steve Bell and Martin Rowson when their illustrations were shoved into my face and explained in every minute scrutiny availavable by a lovingly obsessed younger sister, it actually came to spark more than just an interest. the thought and clever witicism ignited in me to make others feel the same way about my own illustrations.

no words are needed to explain what message Bell is conveying

i considered taking a similiar path, addresing our political issues through theatrical illustartions that say so much just as a standing image. it has made me begin to consider other professions in which i can use illustration to ephasise important and current issues of our society, make more than an impact. adding more and more options of things i would like to pursue in my life time to my already long list i wish i had hundreds of lives to pursue all of these great pathways life has to offer.

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