trees, people and OnePerView

my trees have found their home on the model, complete with the little people. finally managed to snap some pics of the complete model of my fashion space exhibition: OnePerView. here you go!


how to make a tree?

Can you honestly believe the prices of model trees?! i had to take myself to Aldgate East to the 4d modelzone shop, which by my account seems to be the Only model shop in the whole of London? not any kind of extensive research would find me another one. So when it turned out a single 120mm tree is £7 i had to get down to the good ol' do it yourselfing. And i think they're looking sweet! I'll pop on a pic of these baby's on my model once i've finished that too. Nice.



a teeny tiny post on my out of season(it was * cold!) theme park day! didnt get very many photos as my chunky Nikon D80 tends to get in the way of any kind of exuberant behaviour leading to violent motion fuelled activity, hence the effects of a theme park! i did however manage to snap these, which i think look fantastically colorful!


coming soon: collaborative exhibition!

I will have work exhibiting at a collaborative exhibition organised by a friend Ross Cheam, with new artists at the venue Nighthawks (formerly Jrink) in Soho on the 27th April. As excited as i am, i've decided to create new work for this exhibition rather than using old work and it poses a hell of a lot more to do so as soon as i have completed my curent project i can bring into practice my already formulated idea, and i can tell you from now it's going to be amazing!



recently i've taken a weekend break in Salamanca, Spain, to visit a friend with an apartment in the middle of the city. And i would really like to express how impressed i was with the architecture. it was amazing to take a few days off my what seems like incredibly hectic schedule and relax and re-energize, and though there was no particular sunshine i recomend it in terms of visually stunning buildings!


3 to the D

And here is the 3D version of my previous floor plan, need to add sound effect and ta da! i'm loving these architectural programmes, they're hard to use but amazing. Ok, next step is a more efficient 3D highlighting the insides of the rooms, coming soon!


a skippingly wonderously productive day

So here i am again updating on my Fashion Space project OnePerView. I had a very slight problem with the concept of one of the rooms, a group member in charge of room number nine (with 12 rooms the name of the exhibition was previously to be named 12) decided it was deserving of the scrap bin and with no idea in mind, i took over. So (no amount of bragging could define my super speediness on this one!) i created the concept with back up research, designed the room complete scaling and drawn out, illustrating its functions and i have now finished photoshoping how it would look visually. All in a day's work. Yes i am very pleased with myself, and yes, i think i deserve a little treat! With this, you may get another post on cupcakes as nothing screams 'treat' more than food!

enter: description and pics!

Room 9 brings you the interactive face room where you can construct and deconstruct your own features using layers or taking away layers of your skin in the form of illustrated chunks.
Upon entering this interactive room the, walls start to form the outlines of your face on a large scale, having to reach up and down to physically touch screen in order to manipulate your own face you are able to change your face in any way you wish, giving the viewer the flexibility and choice.
The facial expressions on the outlined face depicted on the wall changes according to the facial expressions of the partaking audience making it that much more difficult to re-arrange the face. Also reinforcing this feeling of being watched, by themselves in this manner, giving them a feeling of anxiety as this larger than life face changes and mimics their own, yet giving them back some power as they are allowed in turn to touch and destroy that face.
This room enforces the communication between London and Tokyo as the face appearing onscreen will be the face of the participant in the same room at the same time in the other city. Once re-arrangement of the face is complete, their own face which has been re-arranged by the other participant would be projected instead, letting the participant know that what has happened in room nine in London has happened in room nine in Tokyo, and that someone has been defiling their own face.


visualising models

As i've previously updated about my Fashion Space project 'One Per View', we've currently been in the process of creating models to show how the room would look and feel like once the participant was in there. This is only one stage in visualising our exhibition, creating the model of each room and photographing it from certain angles to show how it would look like as a whole.

Below is the current model im working on, Room 4 the eyeball room was initially inspired by a set of lights designed for and by Selfridges in the form of tremendous clear baubles. With the theme of being watched in mind we started developing this idea of a set of room sized eyes. The light inside the eye, and the day glo eyelashes, would be the only source of lighting. When the eyes open and close the source of lighting deminishes with only the day glo lightling the room whence they are closed. The eyelashes are incredibly long reaching all throughout the room like tentacles enrapturing the audience member who then has to feel his way through them.


Police Station Exhibition

To get more of an experience in creating exhibitions we had some help from PoSt production's studio, an abandoned police station, in New Cross was a great source of inspiration. In just a few hours we had a reel of films, sounds, images, photographs and markings we used for a final exhibition. Our source of inspiration was from the long set of stairs connecting a multitude of rooms together. I draped a very long piece of grep paper roll from the top of the stairs and let it roll down to the bottom and let ink roll down the length of it representing all the pipes that ran all the way round the staircase and where the ink would interlink as it driblled down representing the connecting rooms, as a stairway does.

We exhibited in a small white room, wrapping the roll round the middle section of the room, we then projected the photographs we had taken on to the whole room. At the start of the exhibition there played only the sound i had recorded of keys jangling which lasted a while to bring bout anticipation ending in a bang whence the photographs began to roll. The keys jangling represented to me the feeling of being locked in a cell and seeing nothing, only hearing the noise of passer by's. With this and the use of the small room we created the feel of a cell inspired by the police station.

I thought our exhibition was particularly succesful and it inspired me all the more with my ongoing Fashion Space project.

And here is the film. And Play!