I have helped co-write a story titled 'Cel' which is being created as a Graphic Novel by Illustrator Ross Cheam. 'Cel' being the name of the female protagonist, heres a brief of the storyline:

'Cel will be about a female hybrid on the run from the Government in a seemingly peaceful Utopia. In a world where human procreation has ended, she must rescue her sister working deep within the main headquarters. In order to succeed she must take on the last thorough-bred human'.

Writing has always been a passion of mine, though i have always been too embarrassed to publish any of them on my blog so it's been fun creating Cel Serin in her world where humanity has almost deceased  and she has awakened to the extraordinary abilities her post-human state allows her to posses, questioning the very need & boundaries of humanity and the human body.



Recently I've been very fascinated by the study of insects. Inspired by a friend who had been working at the Natural History Museum. I explored her own private collection of insects & loved the intricate way she pins the insects, labeling details down to the specific type of the bug, date, time and place she has found it. With jars of live insects as well as dead ones, though it sounds very morbid, i found something very endearing in the collection  of such fascinating creatures.

I especially loved a random piece of art she had found in a charity shop by an unknown artist made purely out of dead butterflies. I would like to think that the artist had not killed the butterflies herself but had some how found them all dead from natural causes. As unlikely as that seems.



I happen to feature as a main character in Illustrator Ross Cheam's graphic novel series. As a Transvestite. Though i should mention that I'm not in real life, but I look good even as a Transvestite (my vanity knows no bounds!). I have a very interesting storyline and cant wait to see what happens next to Derya the Transvestite, which really reminds me of the Spanish film 'Bad Education'. Be sure to check it out!

To download or order issues I, II & III are available for download or to order at http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/side-effects---issue-%231/13390277 or be sure to check out other projects at http://rsjcheam.com/



Whilst road tripping in america i popped off at the National Museum of American History in DC. the street was lined with museums but my specific interest in History sucked me in, and for a country with not much history it was impressive how i managed to spend hours scouring the place, though i shall hold off opinions about the recent history section displaying the vietnam and iraq wars. 
my favorite display was the following Dolls House by Faith Bradford.

Taking a quote from the side panel: 'The Doll's House reflects a world of associations and social relation ships which were quite real'. My two favorite rooms were the biggest room; the library, which interestingly enough reflects Miss Bradford's career as a librarian, also because i would like a library just as big, and the second room; the attic, crammed with items that cant be thrown away, as my own hoarder nature understands. Everything is..well, so TINY. Yet its absolutely huge, in so much detail, it is simply very beautiful, simple but natural, organic, life-like, and i am going to go off and make a 'derya's dream house' right this instant!



The Exhibition! Ok. so theres not a lot of photos of my work, having a free bar did mean more socialising than picture taking but over all a great night and i really loved my colourful section (first pic)! some pics of the night here and then photos of my work lone alone in the next post!


derya's bussiness cards

with the exhibition fast approaching i'm in need of business cards, something simple and in tune with my CV. i've just got them printed out as well and they're so small and cute (duh!) and now i'm on the prowl (ebay) for a sassy card holder so i could whip out my bussiness card!