today; the very first animation

the very first animation i ever attempted is when i decided animation was what i wanted to pursue however not because i decided i had a natural flair and talent for it. instead for quite the opposite reason. the realisation that i had infact zero knowledge on animation i was even more inspired to make sure i had enough practice to create something amazing. with this project i was perfectly sure it wasnt the idea that was lacking simply the wrong us of animation put together to portray it. however it was in many a way experimental, i had never even gave thought to how an animtion was done before and with very little time to put it together i still had no idea what i was doing when i created it so no suprise that i considered it a disaster! however i do not concede defeat, i have worked on a new animation since for a project with a longer time for me to further explore this medium and am proud to say i am definately improving!

do check out the animation below complete with my inspiration, and do hold tight for the remake of this animation!


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