dont mess with the elderly pt1

i would simply love to know why it is even with our new technology nothing compares to old photographs? i have a collection of old photographs i have stolen from my family members, extending to my great aunts and even my own childhood photographs (as well as bought ones) and they never fail to inspire me. as much as i love the poloroid, the effect doesnt measure up! here are some i have probably over used in a lot of my work, here are few of them and i'll be putting up some more of my favourites!

photo studio fun

during my fashion promotion foundation course at lcf i had these introductory styling and photography classes. during these i felt i would much rather prefer fashion photography to designing so i favored my camera. (you've probably noticed i've not really got any of my designs on my blog, oops!) i'd loved photography long before, just not in the fashion context but i fell in love with big studios.

these photos from my individual styling and photography mini project turned out pretty well considering i'd no idea what i was doing! i would never disregard a good model. i always loved the idea of challenging specifically body shaped conventions when it came to modelling in photography. i would have loved to be a plus sized model myself (i dont see whats 'plus sized' about a size 14 in any case but hey!) however not only is being skinny a convention, so is being tall. and here ive used a short model. But seriously apart from the recent-ish V magazine shoot on big women has there ever been any attempt to change the rules? At the moment i'm not so interested in fashion photography although my camera rarely leaves my side, maybe i became disinterested due to the strict rules in this area, however i'm thinking some collboration with stylist friends are in order, i do genuienely miss studios and all that jazz.


cut stick arrange rearrange PHOTOCOPY!

now i know it's a rougher way than photoshoping, and in most cases alot simpler but i really do appreciate that raw jaggedy arrangement it creates on paper. i really love just arranging things by hand on paper, slapping them on and binding them together by pressing that 'copy' button! with my own materials i created the above and bottom images. snap i had the idea and snap i put it on paper, nice and quick! try it yourself, you need not let your ideas be pushed aside because the thought of photoshoping seems so drab!


geek chic shoot three 2

ta-da! part two, different location, different outfit. as with the previous outfit, i planned the correlation between the colours of the background and that of the outfit, simly for a cleaner, well put together look. this time around, i thought i had a lot more potential finals than any of the previous shoots, so i've included all the ones i personally liked.

geek chic shoot three 1

so, finally, these are numero tres! they should ultimately be the best out of this three, however i've had too much fun on all three shoots so i cant decide (having shot this part in a metal pub, drinking commenced shortly after the dslr was put away). As i've previously stated, i wanted to add more of the 'chic' in to the 'geek'.

geek chic shoot two

this second photoshoot was based on a narrative, a made up video game i storyboarded called Clone Wars, (no intention of any link to star wars) where i would have the same model, only posing as two different characters opposing each other. i then edited them to follow a comic book structure, so it was a comic, only in the form of photographs instead of drawings, however photoshoped enough to retain the essence of a comic book style, already emphasised by the outfits of the characters.

i did also like them unedited as well, as i had considered the background, with its resemblance to an arena, however i loved the overall comic book look which was what i intended so i stuck to that. i did however re-do this shoot as i decided i wanted more of a clean cut look, more suitable for a magazine, so the style is tweked Again for the third shoot.

geek chic shoot one

i was given a brief in foundation year (fashion portfolio) for styling and photography on subcultures. i had a real obsession with a librarian at that point so i decided my subculture would be 'geeks'. it didnt take me very long to sprout up a male friend and cart him off to the library for a mini test shoot just so i could get a glimpse of my librarian. i used these as a test to then figure out in which direction of 'geek' i wanted to go. this representaion of the subculture seemed a bit too literal so i developed it into videogame nerds, which again turned out to be more of an experimental shoot. my final for this brief concluded in more of a clean cut 'geek chic' look. in these photographs i had tried to experiment more with combining the 'geek' look with that of the 'new rave' look which was popular at the time. consequently although the photograhs werent really useful, i sure had fun taking them!


the girl with the red scarf

again, heres another one from my a-level art days. considering Fine Art wouldn't let me use photographs as final pieces, concentrated on paint, sculpting and drawing, i tried to use photography in my development as much as possible as i really enjoyed it. so i hve alot of photographs which i have depicted in paint form, as the one below.

wrap me, xoxo!

although i had no intention of putting up any of my college Art work, i came across one of my more succesfull projects. And i'm definately not one to boast but this had got me complete full marks. not even a mark off that A. It feels like so long go since i even touched a paint brush but paint was nearly all i did back then considering it was Fine Art.

The theme for this brief was Habitation, and i some how ended up looking at cocoons.

with the idea of cocooning i delved into the idea of being wrapped, being majorly inspired by Annelies Slabbynck and Christo & Jean-Claude.

i used various techniques and ideas to portray wrapping. i then used a model, who i wrapped with different fabrics in different ways

more so than using cloth i found that cling film had an amazing effect, wrapping my model in cling film distorted the flesh and took me back to my initial cocooning research so i set forth with this idea.

when i decided on which images were most successful i set about portraying the effect using various media. i ended up incorporating the cling film into the painting to give it more depth, and carried on using the writing into paint style that i developed over the brief, my main tool being a paint spade. my final piece isnt actually up here as my Art tutor refused to give it back, as much as i take it as a compliment it would be nice to at least get a picture of it! considering it's a development from these images, its in the same style, simply on a bigger scale and much more detailed!