Police Station Exhibition

To get more of an experience in creating exhibitions we had some help from PoSt production's studio, an abandoned police station, in New Cross was a great source of inspiration. In just a few hours we had a reel of films, sounds, images, photographs and markings we used for a final exhibition. Our source of inspiration was from the long set of stairs connecting a multitude of rooms together. I draped a very long piece of grep paper roll from the top of the stairs and let it roll down to the bottom and let ink roll down the length of it representing all the pipes that ran all the way round the staircase and where the ink would interlink as it driblled down representing the connecting rooms, as a stairway does.

We exhibited in a small white room, wrapping the roll round the middle section of the room, we then projected the photographs we had taken on to the whole room. At the start of the exhibition there played only the sound i had recorded of keys jangling which lasted a while to bring bout anticipation ending in a bang whence the photographs began to roll. The keys jangling represented to me the feeling of being locked in a cell and seeing nothing, only hearing the noise of passer by's. With this and the use of the small room we created the feel of a cell inspired by the police station.

I thought our exhibition was particularly succesful and it inspired me all the more with my ongoing Fashion Space project.

And here is the film. And Play!

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