derya's bussiness cards

with the exhibition fast approaching i'm in need of business cards, something simple and in tune with my CV. i've just got them printed out as well and they're so small and cute (duh!) and now i'm on the prowl (ebay) for a sassy card holder so i could whip out my bussiness card!




F to the Y to the I

long title, quick message, update on the venue for the exhibition on tuesday!
enter; altered fliers

and a very very close up of some of the pieces for the exhib (they're still in the making even though the exhib is on tuesday- ive been immense busy with work experience so my last minute skills are being put into use!) so check these

yes. fabric is being involved!



i've been cheating on blogger. i've made a seperate work experience blog at dun dun .. tumblr!
whilst updating that and starting up my own shop on ebay i've neglected my blog, but im back, biggerbetterstronger - and my multi tasking skills are getting good! so check me here @ http://deryadoesit.tumblr.com/.
i've been working really hard so should get up some new works on here soon aswel!




so i thought i'd try to spruce up my first version, though i'm thinking i might just come up with a different concept to suit my changing style, as my work is very versatile and not always fun and child like as my cv may seem to imply! 



my previous cv seemed a slight too flier esque so i decided to try a more classical approach but it seems i veered too 'academic like' this time, with no imagery so i need to get this right third time round!


derya's cv

Coming to the end of my current project im on the look out for work experience, and heres the CV iv whooped up. Since there isnt only one particular thing i do, i made it more broad and instead focused on showing my personality as i find it's my best asset besides my work and a huge contributing factor to a good artist, so for now im sending this out!