wrap me, xoxo!

although i had no intention of putting up any of my college Art work, i came across one of my more succesfull projects. And i'm definately not one to boast but this had got me complete full marks. not even a mark off that A. It feels like so long go since i even touched a paint brush but paint was nearly all i did back then considering it was Fine Art.

The theme for this brief was Habitation, and i some how ended up looking at cocoons.

with the idea of cocooning i delved into the idea of being wrapped, being majorly inspired by Annelies Slabbynck and Christo & Jean-Claude.

i used various techniques and ideas to portray wrapping. i then used a model, who i wrapped with different fabrics in different ways

more so than using cloth i found that cling film had an amazing effect, wrapping my model in cling film distorted the flesh and took me back to my initial cocooning research so i set forth with this idea.

when i decided on which images were most successful i set about portraying the effect using various media. i ended up incorporating the cling film into the painting to give it more depth, and carried on using the writing into paint style that i developed over the brief, my main tool being a paint spade. my final piece isnt actually up here as my Art tutor refused to give it back, as much as i take it as a compliment it would be nice to at least get a picture of it! considering it's a development from these images, its in the same style, simply on a bigger scale and much more detailed!

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