geek chic shoot two

this second photoshoot was based on a narrative, a made up video game i storyboarded called Clone Wars, (no intention of any link to star wars) where i would have the same model, only posing as two different characters opposing each other. i then edited them to follow a comic book structure, so it was a comic, only in the form of photographs instead of drawings, however photoshoped enough to retain the essence of a comic book style, already emphasised by the outfits of the characters.

i did also like them unedited as well, as i had considered the background, with its resemblance to an arena, however i loved the overall comic book look which was what i intended so i stuck to that. i did however re-do this shoot as i decided i wanted more of a clean cut look, more suitable for a magazine, so the style is tweked Again for the third shoot.

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