photo studio fun

during my fashion promotion foundation course at lcf i had these introductory styling and photography classes. during these i felt i would much rather prefer fashion photography to designing so i favored my camera. (you've probably noticed i've not really got any of my designs on my blog, oops!) i'd loved photography long before, just not in the fashion context but i fell in love with big studios.

these photos from my individual styling and photography mini project turned out pretty well considering i'd no idea what i was doing! i would never disregard a good model. i always loved the idea of challenging specifically body shaped conventions when it came to modelling in photography. i would have loved to be a plus sized model myself (i dont see whats 'plus sized' about a size 14 in any case but hey!) however not only is being skinny a convention, so is being tall. and here ive used a short model. But seriously apart from the recent-ish V magazine shoot on big women has there ever been any attempt to change the rules? At the moment i'm not so interested in fashion photography although my camera rarely leaves my side, maybe i became disinterested due to the strict rules in this area, however i'm thinking some collboration with stylist friends are in order, i do genuienely miss studios and all that jazz.

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