goooo cupcake! (recipe special!!)

having refined the special celebatory cupcake recipe, i celebrated my cooking success with, wait for it, more cute silicone cupcake cases! heres a peek at the new faces and of course ... my recipe!! clean, easy and no waiting around for these babies because there is in fact No baking involved! am i not a wonderful genius with The most unique cupcakes?

3 eggs
half a pack of margarine/butter
white sugar - a glass full (depending on taste)
cocoa/chocolate powder
finely crushed biscuits
finely chopped walnuts

bowl of dried coconut flakes
-other specialties may be added according to taste but dont go adding fruit and such!!

step 1. whisk the eggs and sugar in a big bowl
step 2. add in the butter and whisk until mixture is fluffy
step 3. ass the cocoa powder (and vannilla if you like), whisk a little again
step 4. add in the crumbled biscuits and mix together (easier done with your hands, wear some plastic gloves of course!)
step 5. mix in the walnuts or anything else you wish
step 6. wet hands a little, roll the mixture into a small ball, place into the bowl of dried coconut flakes and shake around until the ball is covered, and place into the cupcake case!
Make sure you DO wet your hand a little before you roll each ball otherwise it will stick to your hands and not be small and nicely shaped!
step 7. after you have placed all of the cupcake cases onto a cute tray pop into the fridge

a n d y o u r d o n e !
now be gone and make yo'self some treats!!

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