geek chic shoot one

i was given a brief in foundation year (fashion portfolio) for styling and photography on subcultures. i had a real obsession with a librarian at that point so i decided my subculture would be 'geeks'. it didnt take me very long to sprout up a male friend and cart him off to the library for a mini test shoot just so i could get a glimpse of my librarian. i used these as a test to then figure out in which direction of 'geek' i wanted to go. this representaion of the subculture seemed a bit too literal so i developed it into videogame nerds, which again turned out to be more of an experimental shoot. my final for this brief concluded in more of a clean cut 'geek chic' look. in these photographs i had tried to experiment more with combining the 'geek' look with that of the 'new rave' look which was popular at the time. consequently although the photograhs werent really useful, i sure had fun taking them!

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