one a day

i decided to have a drawing a day based on something i thought was meaningful. having a bit of an emo day, 'can you see me now?' (on the left) represents this occasional unexplainable feeling i have not yet managed to rid myself of. the feeling of loneliness when you are not alone. standing always in a crowd of people wishing i was elsewhere, yearning for something i know not the name. so there it is, as simple a representation of my mentality only yesterday.

on the right is today's piece hence a change to optimism so nothing to worry about. 'in a new direction' as literal as. the face looking from above, downwards, is a symbol of light and hope. blowing me with her smoke exactly were i need to go. 'old habits die hard but young dies the heart of those who try not', for those of you that have already guessed, that quote is indeed tweaked by me.
im finding this little exercise calming. however, this shall not get updated too often, i would not wish to divulge my feelings every day, let us keep an air of mystery!

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