visualising models

As i've previously updated about my Fashion Space project 'One Per View', we've currently been in the process of creating models to show how the room would look and feel like once the participant was in there. This is only one stage in visualising our exhibition, creating the model of each room and photographing it from certain angles to show how it would look like as a whole.

Below is the current model im working on, Room 4 the eyeball room was initially inspired by a set of lights designed for and by Selfridges in the form of tremendous clear baubles. With the theme of being watched in mind we started developing this idea of a set of room sized eyes. The light inside the eye, and the day glo eyelashes, would be the only source of lighting. When the eyes open and close the source of lighting deminishes with only the day glo lightling the room whence they are closed. The eyelashes are incredibly long reaching all throughout the room like tentacles enrapturing the audience member who then has to feel his way through them.

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