Whilst road tripping in america i popped off at the National Museum of American History in DC. the street was lined with museums but my specific interest in History sucked me in, and for a country with not much history it was impressive how i managed to spend hours scouring the place, though i shall hold off opinions about the recent history section displaying the vietnam and iraq wars. 
my favorite display was the following Dolls House by Faith Bradford.

Taking a quote from the side panel: 'The Doll's House reflects a world of associations and social relation ships which were quite real'. My two favorite rooms were the biggest room; the library, which interestingly enough reflects Miss Bradford's career as a librarian, also because i would like a library just as big, and the second room; the attic, crammed with items that cant be thrown away, as my own hoarder nature understands. Everything is..well, so TINY. Yet its absolutely huge, in so much detail, it is simply very beautiful, simple but natural, organic, life-like, and i am going to go off and make a 'derya's dream house' right this instant!

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